needing. getting.

i like this song. that is all.


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at the end of the dock.

for some reason, after a night out, i texted this to someone under the influence.

‘so we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.’ one of my favorite quotes from f. scott fitzgerald in ‘the great gatsby.’ even though we have to work with the past we hold so dearly to our hearts, we need to continue to progress toward the future in order to obtain the ultimate goal we’ve constantly put under our watch, whether it be the path of career or romance; we must live on and live forever in our beliefs.

hey, eric. apparently you’re a novelist. surprise, surprise.


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a new day and age.

here it is, another year ended.

i’ll sit around and tell myself that this was a memorable year. not only from the things that i have done, but with the people i’ve done them with. from my college experience thus far, i’d say that the people i’m surrounded by have made each and every day enjoyable to say the least. as i have done before, i’d like to give you a quick rundown of the things that have made my sophomore year:

being an officer. from what i was told before the year even started was that being on the board makes the year go by fast. it does, and it did. it brought for an experience that i’ve learned from and it’ll make for something that i can continue growing from as well.
being a kuya. i can tell you right now, i love my adings. even though there’s barely any green in my wallet, i don’t mind spending it all on my adings when there’s the bare minimum in there. idealistically, it would have been better on my wallet to filter them out by having them participate in a knife fight, but i’m glad the way things turned out the way they did.
being an ading. i’ll consider myelf to be one of the luckiest adings out there. not just from the woori jib or sushi rock meals, and not just because of occasional corona being passed back, but because i have kuyas and ates that  genuinely care about and look after me. i’m sad to say that 75% of them won’t be back for the new school year, but i’m glad they’ve made it through college. no need to say goodbye though, i know they’ll always be with me with everything i do.
living in the dorms. sure it’s great living in an apartment, but there are still those things you’re able to do in the dorms, but not anywhere else. eating some pocket burgers? having your roommate rig and orange to hit you in the face? blasting “what’s new pussycat?” out the window? meatloaf? i’m not afraid to say that i already miss the dorm life. we were lucky to have it, regardless of smelling like isr when leaving the dining hall.
going out. firehaus? high dive? clys? legends? they were all great nights, especially those that ended with a diner stack, and of those, the ones that ended with a free diner stack. hey, how often do you have someone whisper in your ear, “…..kill them?” what about crowding the bars with plaid? and how often do you see tito fall down a bunch of stairs? answer: not that often. as nice as it was staying and studying all the time, it was always a relief taking a break and going out with everyone.
being involved. there’s no doubt about it. fact was superb, fashion show was fun, and formal was amazing. being on the fact staff let me experience fact from another point of view. not to mention emceeing fashion show with the other two best motherfucking emcees in the world. let’s not forget about how the renaissance was there. as for my formal? i enjoyed it thoroughly, even more so with the company of my formal date. 
doing the small things. whether it be staying in to watch the lion king, playing nhl, cheering on the hawks, killing zombies, or sitting at the cube, i’ve had a blast doing them all. in the end, all you really need is each other and i’ve learned that from countless nights by just being in the presence of great friends who will watch your books when you have to poo, take the melody in singing the mentos theme song, and even grow a beard with you.
living at 30. sorry to the past, present, and future 30 residents. when you sign on a lease to the apartment, you also sign on a lease to eric abasolo. since last year, i’ve bummed around that apartment at least every other day. haha. you can call it laziness to walk back home, but i’ll tell you that it’s because of the people that draw me there and the personalities and good times that make me wanna stay. thank you for the tea. thank you for the fruit by the foot and questionably moldy bread. thank you for being welcoming. i’m glad knowing that my futon imprint has survived another year.

i’ll look at all this stuff and think to myself: hey, you’re halfway there. i’ve been told to make the most of my time spent on campus, and honestly, i intend on doing so. with another year done, and a class of friends all graduated, i’m inspired to do so. expect a uiuc bucket list soon. i intend on going the distance with it.

for now, i wanna say thank you to everyone who has been a part of my sophomore year. i missed a lot of stuff, but oh wells. congratulations to the big ten class. i’ll be back on campus for second session @ 302, and i’m excited for apartment 301 for the rest of the year. thanks for reading.


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the retweet of a retweet.

Oh hey there,
Remember those days when you just made your new AOL account (except for you Ken, you still have use yours)? How about your xanga, myspace, blogspot, or even your extended AIM profile. Well, guess what? It’s 2009. It’s a new generation for internet crazes. Facebook has definitely made its way to the top, but now there’s a new following; Twitter. Most everyone’s got themselves a Twitter now, including celebs, athletes, as well as friends and family. I’ve even got one myself. Today, I’m here to share with you some of my favorite tweeters and tweets. On today’s list, we’ve got tweets from alumni Shriram Satish, my brother Peter Abasolo, Sir Irwin Aguilar, the REAL Ryan Lee, and yours truly, Eric Abasolo. Take a seat and enjoy.




6:58 PM Sep 28th from web

Damn, Trauma is intense
8:18 PM Sep 28th from web

9:20 PM Sep 28th from txt

What to do today?
7:49 PM Sep 29th from web

My stomach is upset
8:06 PM Sep 29th from web

going to run soon
4:34 PM Oct 1st from web

Time to run
5:55 PM Oct 1st from txt

7:01 PM Oct 2nd from txt

nap time
4:04 PM Oct 3rd from web

Football time
12:33 PM Oct 4th from web

Das boot!
7:45 PM Oct 4th from txt

9:38 PM Oct 4th from web

9:33 AM Oct 7th from web

2:02 AM Oct 12th from web

At lifetime for the first time in like a week
4:21 PM Oct 14th from txt




The “Kidz Bop” version of any Jonas Brothers songs would probably sound identical to the original.
12:25 AM Jun 12th from web

I’m going to start a rumor that Kai is reuniting
11:01 PM Jun 16th from Echofon

The text on Rip Hamilton’s tombstone would be kind of redundant
2:01 PM Jun 30th from Echofon

12:27 PM Jul 19th from web

Toni Kukoc deserves his VERY OWN Hall of Fame in Croatia.
9:01 AM Sep 11th from web

“Evils” spelled backwards is “Santa.”
12:27 PM Oct 21st from Echofon




District 9 ending: Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom upload the virus to the mothership that disables all the alien shields. “Welcome to Earf.”
5:38 PM Aug 17th from web

So im jamming to taylor swift and walk into my class. I don’t realize at all that its still early and the previous class is still going on.
3:29 PM Sep 23rd from txt

So I nonchalantly take a seat like im really late, and now im spending the last 10 minutes watching a movie in a class I don’t belong to lol
3:33 PM Sep 23rd from txt

WOW. i’m wrong. tuesday & thursday i have class at 3:30. wednesday i have class at 3. i AM in the right class. and i AM actually late. HA.
3:36 PM Sep 23rd from web

Ladybug was just chillen in the urinal while i was peeing. Doesn’t it know that its a MENS bathroom? Dumb ass ladybug…
4:55 PM Oct 20th from web




@ericabasolo your hands are cameras….but your heart is still human.
5:39 PM Apr 21st from web

something is wrong when even my dad knows who “tony kryzyzak” is.
7:51 PM May 19th from web

Just saw a gang of kids kick, pushing scooters in the neighborhood. Guess the cool cycle repeats every 6 years in elementary school.
3:05 PM May 22nd from txt

to this day, i still use winamp. haven’t changed the way i use it since 7th grade, and see no switching anytime soon. itunes aint no thang.
12:12 AM Jul 11th from web

Sitting in the rec room, i remember a time when i looked forward to college cause i could play ddr on a legit arcade console there.
4:36 PM Aug 28th from txt




i’m having a hard time deciphering if i have crumbs on my face or if it’s just a mustache. most of the time its just a mustache.
11:26 PM Apr 13th from web

Ryan Lee Fact #1: Ryan Lee is the evolved form of Mewtwo.
4:42 AM Apr 24th from txt

RLF#3: In the Jackie Chan Adventures, there was a 13th talisman with a picture of Ryan Lee, giving the ability to spit sick rhymes.
4:18 PM Apr 26th from web

RLF#12: Every other weekend, Ryan Lee usually hangs out with M. Bison, Goro, Tony Danza, and Bruce Springsteen.
11:45 PM May 4th from web

RLF#23: Somewhere in the world there is a boombox that contains a genie who can grant three wishes. The genie’s name? Ryan Lee.
12:17 PM May 25th from web

t-rexs hugging would consist of too much awkward body contact.
3:10 AM Jun 6th from txt

RLF#24: You know those “Choose Your Own Adventure Books?” They’re a lie. You don’t choose your own adventure, Ryan Lee does.
1:29 PM Jun 6th from web

12:04 PM Jun 11th from TweetDeck

if you’re a cat, you can pretty much land on your feet when you fall, but it seemed like mufasa didn’t made much of an effort.
10:01 PM Jun 13th from txt

if i’m ever a hero in a movie about to kill the villain by pushing him into a pool of hot chocolate syrup, i’d totally say, “sweet dreams.”
3:22 AM Jun 28th from TweetDeck

hey. congrats to tim meadows for a lifetime of hard work. you finally made it to the top now that youre on the cast of the bill engvall show
7:27 PM Jul 7th from TweetDeck

According to, there are 124,000 results for “jimmy fallon sucks.” (0.09 seconds)
11:53 PM Jul 17th from TweetDeck

If i was some sort of a human-bird hybrid superhero, i would have pelicanesis. Yeah, i just said it. Sound that out.
3:49 PM Aug 2nd from txt

wizard chicago comicon 2009: 13 people dressed as joker, 5 as chun li, a wolf t-shirt here and there, and a whole lot of jean shorts.
10:17 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

i heard that every time you take a sticker picture, it captures a bit of your soul, just like that camera in “are you afraid of the dark?”
10:23 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

RT @rainnwilson: The scarecrow is an idiot. If you didn’t have a BRAIN you wouldn’t be able to sing and dance about not having one, dipshit.
11:01 PM Sep 5th from TweetDeck


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Fine Dining with Eric Abasolo

pikachu sammichMost people think Pokemon is just a Red or Blue cartridge that you stick in the back of your old school Game Boy once in a while, but little did you know, Pokemon make a delicious treat. I’ve compiled a list of Pokemon I would eat if given the chance, as well as a list of Pokemon I wouldn’t eat. Enjoy.

Pokemon to Eat:
Shellder Chowder
Eggsecute Over Easy
Cotton Candy Clafairy
Ditto and Granola
Spooned Togepi
Electabuzz Rotisserie
Oddish and Bellsprout salad
Roasted Raichu
Pulled Pikachu Sandwich
Dugtrio Dog
Fried Diglett on a Stick
Swanson’s Dinner Mewtwo
Thanksgiving Farfetch’d
Cubone Stew
Sushimi Gyrados
Lickatung Tongue Steak
Porygon Jolly Ranchers
Smoked Moltres or Moltres Hot Wings
Chocolate Covered Metapod and Scyther
Bulbasaur meat salad
King Kingler Legs with butter
Chansey Egg Omletes
Kangaskan Cutletts
T-bone of Tauros
Paras Mushrooms
Onyx Pebbles
Jigglypuff smores
Rare Candy
Peking Psyduck
Geodude Jawbreaker
Golum Wonderball

Pokemon Not to Eat:
Evee and evolved forms
– Why? Because Evee is a domesticated animal. Would you really eat a domesticated animal?
– It’s a fox. I typically don’t eat cute foxes
Mr Mime
– It’s like eating a person
– (See Mr Mime)
– (See Mr Mime)
– (See Mr Mime)
– All of these are pretty much things only Bear Grylls would eat

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the ultimate movie.

so, i’ve had a lot of free time over the summer. i’ve played a handful of video games, and watched a lot of television and movies. while some of those tv shows and movies were extremely entertaining, i still believe that i could have produced something more extraordinary. with this belief, i’ve compiled a handful of ideas that could contribute to what could possibly be the best movie ever. these ideas are categorized into a few different things, quotes and saying that would piece the movie together, as well as songs i’d put in its soundtrack, and even a list of actors and actresses that i feel would help bring the movie in the right direction. though i may not ever be able to create this blockbuster, i’d like to share with you what i’ve come up with.

here, i will list components that could make the ultimate movie. i will try to include as many examples and references when applicable. prepare yourself for a long post.

possible quotes, catchphrases, and one liners

like every great movie, these are the things that really bring a movie together. making it memorable through many generations. here are some lines, both new and used, that i feel would really make a movie worth watching. (note that some of these lines may be variations of what you have heard before)

  • someone saying “welcome to earth” after they punch someone, preferably an alien.
    eg: Will Smith in “Independence Day”
  • in some point of the movie, a character would somehow state the name of the movie in context.
    eg: “It would be… the perfect storm,” “This is our final fantasy
  • someone saying “yippie-kay-yay mother f*cker”
    eg: Bruce Willis in “Die Hard 2”
  • after a surprising appearance, someone saying “Professor! I thought you were dead!” “Not dead enough”
  • “what do you mean cut the blue wire? THEY’RE ALL BLUE!”
  • someone saying “aw hell naw,” preferably Will Smith
    eg: (1:41) in the iRobot movie trailer
  • “that’s so crazy, it might just work!”
  • someone saying “whoa,” preferably with a head turn
    as commonly said by Joey Lawrence and Keanu Reeves
  • “i made my family… disappear.. i made my family disappear
    eg: Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
  • jackie chan saying “i don’t want no trouble” in a situation to avoid danger
  • “i’m getting to old for this”
    eg: Danny Glover in “Lethal Weapon”


a movie is considered to be lifeless without some music. with music, viewers are able to convey the mood that the writers have originally intended. here are some songs that have proven to be quite moving.

  • the mighty ducks theme song” composed by david newman from “mighty ducks”
    this piece may be one of the most nostalgic pieces that you’ll ever come across. used properly, this song is lethal enough to blow minds, which i’ll cover later on.
  • space jam” by quad city dj’s from “space jam”
    sadly enough, they’ve taken down the version with lyrics on youtube, but i’ll trust that you’ll know the lyrics by heart anyway.
  • glory of love” by peter cetera as heard from “the karate kid 2”
  • you’re the best around” by joe esposito from “the karate kid”
  • dreams” by the cranberries from “the next karate kid
    yes, that’s right. you’ve just witnessed not one, but THREE songs from the karate kid movie series. even the one with hilary swank.
  • you make my dreams come true” by hall & oates as heard from the movies, “the wedding singer,” “step brothers,” and even the fake movie starring jack black in the tv series, “the office”
    for some reason, i felt like this song was used in every adam sandler movie, or at least thats what it seemed like to me
  • all-star” by smash mouth, which seemed to be in every movie trailer made in the 90s
    honestly, i hate this song. you should too, but it’s one of those songs that is in every movie/trailer, including shrek, digimon: the movie, mystery men, inspector gadget, and rat race. this song makes me cringe.
  • oh yeah” by yello, as popularized by “ferris bueller’s day off”
    might as well.
  • don’t wanna miss a thing” by aerosmith, as heard from the movie, “armagedon”
    face it, you still listen to this song before you go to sleep. it haunts you that bruce willis left your life at the end of the movie, but aerosmith made it okay for you to cry. if you ever look at the track list for the armagedon soundtrack, you’ll notice that almost all of it is aerosmith, but they don’t really matter. this is the only song that you want to be with you, right here with you, just like this.
  • mary tyler moore theme song/love is all around” by paul williams, as heard from “mary tyler moore”
    personally can’t say that i’ve ever watched this show, but hey. it has a good theme song. might be familiar to ya.
  • hide and seek” by imogen heap, as popularized by tv series, “the oc” and snl parody
    mmmwhatcha saaaaaaay?
  • america’s funniest home videos theme song (acoustic)” performed by “adrianholovaty” from “america’s funniest home videos,” obviously.
    you think i’m crazy now, but listen to it. i can almost guarentee that you’ll cry. i’m being so honest right now.
  • chariots of fire” by vangelis
    not necessary sure of all the movies that this has been a part of, but for sure it was in “chariots of fire.” makes sense to me. you can’t hit inspirational without a song like this. i swear this song plays in my head for every time i participate in something competetive. why shouldn’t it be in my movie?
  • baby come back” by player
    i don’t really have an explanation for this song. i’ll just throw this one in there.
  • who loves you” by franki valli and the four seasons
    at this point, i’m pretty much just posting ridiculous songs. ridiculously good songs that is. i don’t really have much of an explanation for this song either, haha. and this video had the best song quality i was able to find. them skating on ice is just a plus, i guess.
  • somewhere out there” from “an american tail”
    did he just say an american tail??? yes, yes i just did. you and i both miss this movie. i’ll explain this song choice in the next section.
  • be a star” by lindsay lohan and tyra banks from “life size”
    with a song like this, i’d be able to make a movie that both shines bright and far

scenes and action

what’s a movie without some action? here are some specific things that i put in the ultimate movie. making it as ultimate as possible.

  • a scene were two people are looking at the moon at the same time, and they are faded together to make it seem like they are singing to each other, but in fact, are not in each others presence. this is the one scene that gets you at the heart.
    eg: “An American Tail” (see earlier point in “soundtrack” section)
  • the legendary “freeze frame high five
    this is one of those things that is a must. the freeze frame high five has been making movies and televison as awesome as it is now. i wasn’t really able to pinpoint the specific example i was looking for, sorry about that, but seriously. does anyone else feel like every episode of “boy meets world” ended with one?
    -on a related note, at the end of “D3: The Mighty Ducks (5:33)”, there is a slow motion high five/fist pump where their hands spark fireworks as their make contact. best ending ever.
  • emotional scene where two people are “so close, yet so far” from each other, separated by a plate of glass. so emotional in fact where they both place one hand on each side of the glass.
    eg: “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan” (4:56)
  • why end the movie with just a black screen when you can end it by a celebration by campfire and borderline butchering a queen song?
    eg: “D2: The Mighty Ducks
  • of course, in every movie, there are only a few ways to come to a solution to any problem. there must be a final competition by either by karate match, race down a skiing/snowboarding slope, playing to the highest score on a game of super mario 3.
    eg: “The Karate Kid,” “Johnny Tsunami,” and “The Wizard
  • can’t beat him? too scrawny? how about training and making a montage about it?
    eg: “Rocky IV
  • of the most bad ass ways to leave the earth, this by far must be one of the best ways, by being lit on fire. i want there to be a jedi burial in my movie. on a related note, when i die, i want a jedi burial as well.
    eg: “Star Wars: Episode IV Return of the Jedi
  • being fancy and going glove side.
    eg: “D2: The Mighty Ducks
    he didn’t even really do a triple deke. though he did deke three times, he stopped and took a slap shot, which really defeats the purpose at that point. but seriously, why would you ever consider going glove side on the best glove from bangor, maine? i’d go five hole on her every time.
  • a lock must be opened by use of TWO KEYS AT THE SAME TIME. this can also be accompanied by two people nodding to each other at the same time simutaneously beforehand.
  • cool guys don’t look at explosions.
    as stated in “cool guys don’t look at explosions” by the lonely island
  • two things. p-swayz and pot molding.
    eg: “Ghost
  • this may be the most important part of any movie, whether it be when fighting a race of aliens dominating planets for natural resources or during a ice hockey game between team usa and iceland, a movie must contain the uplifting words to bring a team, or even a nation, together. WE ARE LIONS
    eg: “40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes,” “Independence Day,” “D2: The Mighty Ducks
  • two people surgically removing their faces and switching them with each other.
    eg: “Face Off

possible actors

here are a handful of random actors that i feel can help piece together a movie that can impact the world of entertainment.

  • will smith
    of course, he would be a great choice if this movie were to involve some sort of science fiction; ie. aliens, robots, zombies, or giant robot spiders. and i’d need somebody to say, “aw hell naw.”
  • emilio estevez
    do i really need an explanation for this one? greatest coach in the history of coaches. he even had his own cardboard cut out. it’s a shame he pretty much became extinct after D3.
  • jason segel
    how i met your mother, freaks & geeks, forgetting sarah marshall, i love you, man. every single role he plays is one that is hilarious. he’s a naturally funny guy who delivers.
  • yvonne strahovski
    after watching chuck, i couldn’t get a enough of her. why not put her in a movie?
  • comet the dog (from full house)
    most talented dog that was in the business. arguably more adorable than michelle tanner herself.
  • john stamos
    mullet john stamos only. i’d really only need him to sing “forever
  • lou ferrigno
    you’ll like him when he’s angry.
  • jeff goldblum
    i need someone to play a smart guy, who could also pilot an alien aircraft to help save the world.
  • rashida jones
    beautiful, funny. throw her in there and we’ll see what happens.
  • nicholas cage
    someone has to take their face off.
  • john travolta
    (see nicholas cage)
  • lori loughlin
    we already have uncle jesse and comet the dog, let’s just throw aunt becky in there as well.
  • danny glover
    for reasons more neccessary than you’ll ever imagine.

and that’s where i’ll end this post. hopefully you guys enjoyed what i’ve put together. i’ll congratulate you if you made it this far going through all the links. it’s…. a handful. just think about it. i’m sure a lot of what i just said is pretty much random, but with a little creativity and imagination, you can create a mental video of it all.

ps: the movie poster would be around these lines.


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“i know kung fu.”

from where we left off last, i was playing harvest moon on nintendo 64. while i can’t say that what i’ve been doing since then has changed entirely, i can say that i’ve had an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

after the frustration of having to restart over and over again in harvest moon, attempting to achieve the “perfect game,” i quickly moved onto playing “the legend of zelda: majora’s mask.” i would say that i’ve play most zelda game that i’ve come across, including link’s awakening, link to the past, ocarina of time, minish cap, and twilight princess, all of which were great games. after playing a majority of majora’s mask, i’d say that this might be the most frustrating, not necessarily because of the puzzles as much, but more so because the game is played under a “time limit.” of course, as link, the hero, you’ll learn how to manipulate time in order to proceed through the game, but to really progresss through the game, the player needs a really deep understanding of how everything works in the game, including the schedules of the nonplayable characters. eventually, you’ll gather masks that give you different abilities, such as doing a strange dance, attracting small animals, and even transforming to a goron. these masks are essentially what make the game worth playing. some people, such as my self, would complain about some of the masks that pretty much contribute nothing to the game except for one small unimportant event.

at some point, i spent about 30 minutes progressing through an inclined area that leads to another dungeon, but at the top, i accidentally fell to the bottom and i haven’t played picked up the controller since. though after that, i’ve occupied with the nbc television series, “chuck.”

the show, “chuck,” is based around a character whos name is chuck bartowski, played by actor zachary levi, an employee at a best buy type store, who receives an electronic-mail, otherwise known as an email, which contains a file with thousands of pictures encrypted with governmental secrets. soon later, agent john casey, played by adam baldwin, and agent sarah walker, played by the beautiful yvonne strahovski, are sent to protect chuck and contain his secret. and because he now has a computer in his head, he uses it to aid the team in missions throughout the show.

quickly, i was drawn into this show for multiple reasons. one: for its “nerd” humor. two: for its great soundtrack filled with folk and indie bands such as blitzen trapper, bon iver, and ra ra riot. three: for it’s well crafted plot. four: yvonne strahovski. i would be lying if i say that she didn’t make any contribution to my interest in watching the show. quickly after watching the last episode, i encountered yvonne withdrawals, which were temporarily treated by 30 minute intervals of searching her name in youtube.

but honestly, it’s an action packed, comedic show filled with hints of romantic twists and turns and i recommend that you’d take a gander. maybe i’ll just leave with a video to do the convincing.

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